The vision of Bethanie Missions for the nation of Haiti is clearly to see Christ penetrate their beloved country with the Gospel through salvations. But this Vision doesn’t limit itself to the preaching of the Word, it is also understood that to affect change in the Nation as a whole, better education, better living situations, all are a result of a God-touched people. So, in addition to churches, schools have been established in areas where need is the greatest. 


To date, there are 18 schools established through Bethanie Missions, in collaboration with a local church also planted. Here is a list of the cities which now have a school.


Primary school:
1) Cavaillon
2) Cayes
3) Laporte
4) Sucrery Henrie
5) St Louis
6) Ducis
7) Porta
8) Flamand
9) Ile a Vache 
10) Maniche 
11) Solon
12) Braque
13) Beree
14) Massif
Secondary School
1) Cavaillon
2) Cayes
3) Laporte
4) Maniche