recent update from Ignace Augustine in Haiti

We spoke with Ignace Sunday evening and learned he had been able to ride a motorcycle as far as Port a Piment. 

In Coteaux there is great devastation, the sandbag house lost its roof but is still standing, the church was heavily damaged.

Chevalier was also hit hard as was Port Salut, and Port a Piment. Port a Piment was devastated the pastors home there is without a roof but still stands. 

Jeremie we still have a pastor house without a roof and a church without a roof.

While in Port a Piment people were approaching pastor Ignace begging for bottled water to drink. It was overwhelming for him to not be able to provide it for them at that time.

In some areas cholera is beginning to set in due to lack of clean water and unsanitary conditions.

The current strategy for Bethanie: Pray, pray, pray

1) Funds for the immediate purchase of food and water for areas hard hit.
2) Funds for a reliable 4 wheel drive truck to transport goods into areas of need
3) Funds for fuel to deliver goods into hard hit areas.

We are working to see if we can get water filters into areas so that they can have ongoing drinking water without relying not he next shipment of bottled water.

We also hope to send in large tarps for temporary shelter while we work to raise funds to replace roofs on churches and pastors houses so they can provide a more stable shelter for many.

It will take a long time to see areas restored which mean an overwhelming amount of homelessness will be the reality. Many do not have the resources to rebuild and therefore will need assistance until that reality can come for them.

This will be an ongoing relief effort in Haiti. The need is great and we hope we can count on many to help us help the people of Haiti by meeting practical needs while showing the love of Jesus.

We are still not able to welcome groups at this time but we are working to get to that point where we could coordinate their transportation needs and accommodations.

We will work hard to keep up to date postings whenever we have them and we hope to have images from Bethanie efforts soon. The email is still down and phone contact tends to be sketchy. 

Please continue to pray for Haiti, and for Bethanie.

pray For Haiti

What is impossible with man , is possible with God.
— Luke 18:27

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