Short term medical mission teams can come serve a hurting community, that becomes a beacon of light for all who live there.

Medical care in many communities in Haiti does not exist.  Even the most basic of needs goes untreated.  Many communities need basic care and the impact a medical mission team can have is significant.  This type of mission work is usually paired with a local church in a community if possible where there is no clinic for the people to go to.  Typically a work of this nature can keep a medical mission team busy all day, each day, due to the volume of people who stand in line to be seen.  This is a very needed ministry.


The average cost associated with medical missions is $3,000+/- depending on location.

(Cost includes items needed to set up for ministering to people, possible additional accommodations away from Hosanna House if the distance is too great to travel each day.)


Transportation cost for teams of 8 or less is $600 round trip from airport in Port Au Prince.

Transportation costs for groups of 9 or more is $1200 round trip from airport in Port Au Prince.

*Depending on building location, additional transportation costs may occur between guest house and building location.


Guest House rates are $45 per person, per night without A/C. This includes 3 meals per day. OR $55 per person, per day with A/C, with 3 meals per day.