Bethanie Evangelical Mission of Haiti was launched in 1975 by Ignace and Franchette Augustine.

Since that beginning the ministry has grown to 57 churches, a Bible School for training Pastors and leaders, 10 elementary - middle schools,  4 high schools, 2 medical clinics, and orphanage, a national radio station and well drilling operations.

The need for churches in Haiti is great, so the vision to advance the Kingdom of God into communities throughout Haiti continues.

Through a comprehensive and large vision given by God, Pastor Ignace Augustine, along with a team of leaders raised up in Haiti, have been able to impact the lives of thousands through the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and practical ministry tools aimed at equipping the generations for life.

This vision, in large part, has been made possible through the generosity and prayers of saints here in the United States who catch the vision to see a nation that was once dedicated to Satan, won over to Jesus Christ!